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Anonymous said: If you were a disney princess, which one would you be?

Jasmine U KNO U KNO

Anonymous said: hello


Anonymous said: Do you like your girls the way you like your coffee?

is that even a question

coffeeandgrace said: you have a BroTie?!

Haha I think I was mistaken. I have wooden tie with a cloth center, but I think it was made by someone else. A friend of mine got it for me, so I wouldn’t know where it comes from

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Aplos Co - BroTies
As seen on these two handsome devils, the BroTie is the new staple accessory. Wooden and cloth, this bow tie clasps around the collar and adds class to any outfit. Wear ‘em to tailgates or dinner parties. The BroTie is ready to go when you are. Buy them at Aplos Co featured in six different designs.

I actually own one of these!

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Renault Alpine A110

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